Welcome to the Curre & Llangibby Hunts Website

Picturesque South Monmouthshire is the hunting country of the Curre and Llangibby hounds. The kennels are situated at Itton near Chepstow. The country is bounded to the west for the most part by the meandering river Wye and continues eastwards across the beautiful Vale of Usk to the areas north and south of striking Llandegfedd Reservoir. The often undulating terrain varies from small coverts to large areas of forestry. There is a proportion of arable but a large percentage of grassland exists. Access, where possible, has been enhanced by the construction of hunt jumps.

We are very grateful to the farmers and landowners for allowing us the privilege of hunting over their land. We hunt with hounds and within the law and restrictions of the somewhat incomprehendable Hunting Act of 2004.

The hunt meets on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 11am. Variations to this may occur over the Christmas period and for the Children’s Meet in school holidays. We are an enthusiastic and friendly hunt and welcome all, either as foot followers or mounted.

Copies of the Hunt Constitution are available from Hon Secretary.

History of the Hunts

The Curre Hunt being the younger sibling was born in the latter part of the17th century when the Lewis family kept hounds at St Pierre .A century later The Old Blue Hunt evolved . In the mid 1800’s it became The Chepstow Hunt under the Mastership of Mr Proctor. The Curre family involvement came in 1854 when Mr Edward Curre from Itton Court took over the hunt. Following his death in1867,Messrs Lewis and Lawrence brought about the first amalgamation of the Curre and Llangibby Hunts, only lasting 18 years.

In 1896 kennelled at Home Farm Itton, the hounds became a private pack under the Mastership of Sir Edward Curre followed by Lady Curre on his death in 1930. Sir Edward had great influence on hound breeding crossing Traditional Welsh hounds with the best English bloodlines. Producing a pack of pale coloured hounds with a wonderful cry.

With Lady Curre’s death in 1956 the hounds and Kennels were purchased and the hunt became a subscription pack under the Mastership of Mr and Mrs John Meade.

The Llangibby Hunt goes back to 1641 when Sir Trefor Addams [Baronet] hunted a pack of hounds in the Llangibby area. Subsequently the Addams Williams family kept hounds at Llangibby castle. Records state that in 1790 Mr William Addams Williams was master and the involvement of the family continued until 1906 when Mr John Hopton Addams Williams was a Master. Part of his Mastership was in partnership with Mr John Lawrence who served from 1857 to 1901.

Two interesting facts are that Mr Lawrence in his 80’s held the record for the longest serving Master of hounds. Also he employed as a Huntsman, Evan Williams , who had a serious shooting accident, losing his right hand .He was nevertheless an excellent horseman controlling his horse with a hook on the end of his stump.

In the ‘Hunts Association’ book of 1924 the Hunt Secretary was Mr John Humphries of Castle House, Usk.

The Addams Williams family maintained the connection accommodating the hunt until the 2nd amalgamation in the year 2000.