Curre and Langibby hunt fallen stock service.

The hunt is able to provide a service to the farmer’s within the hunts boundary, the service is run under tight conditions laid down by DEFRA and Trading standards. We are able to pick up stock or they can be dropped into the kennels by the farmer , animals can be put down by our licensed staff.
The fallen stock service is run for the benefit of both the hunt and farmer, the hunt uses some of the carcases for meat and the farmer gets a service to remove stock that cannot be used for human consumption at a very low cost. A charge is made for the disposal of the waste that cannot be fed to hounds, this is very expensive to remove and we would not be able to continue the service without some contribution to the disposal fee. We offer a reduced rate for stock if it is brought into the kennels as this reduces the cost of running the truck and saves a lot of the staffstime spent collecting stock. Whole animals that are rotten and cannot be fed to hounds are charged at a higher rate, this would include animals injected by a vet to put them down.
The hunt can provide a service to collect horses that have died and we can put horses down should the need arise, horses that are euthanized by vet with injection cannot be fed but can still be collected.
                                                 collected                                      dropped off
New born calf                            £10                                                    £5

Calf 1 week plus                          £15                                                     £10

Cattle 3-6 month old                  £25                                                    £20

Cattle 6-12 month old                £30                                                    £25

Beast 12 to 48 Months old           £70                                                   £60

please note we cannot handle any cattle over 4 years old, these still have to be tested and have to be processed through a knacker yard.

Teg lamb                                     £10                                                  £5

Sheep                                       £17                                                  £12

goats                                          £30                                                   £20

bag of lambs                 £7.50                                                  £5

horse (died naturally or shot )  £180

horse (injected by vet)              £300

horses and ponies must pay at the time of collection please

Pony                                         £50- £100                    depending on size

Please call on Tel 01291 622965
Animals can be dropped off at any time preferably during working hours, in a emergency we will come out to put down stock for welfare reasons outside of normal working hours. Animals dropped off must be pulled inside of the roller doors, not left outside. Sheep, lambs or goats can be put straight in to the black skips provided, everyone dropping off stock must fill in the triplicate book at the back of the building, farmers to take the top white copy for their movements records(this is a legal requirement) 
We would kindly request that payment at the time is a requirement for animals dropped at the Kennels.
We hope that you will not have the need to use our service but we are there if the worst happens