Q…Who are the people I need to look out for ?
A…The Joint Master / Huntsman and Whipper In control the hounds during the days hunting.
The Joint Masters don’t all ride but they liaise with the Farmers, Landowners, The Forestry Commission and The Hunting Office.
The Field Master for the day is familiar with the area hunted over and is in control of the Field and makes sure riders keep a respectful distance away from the hounds. The Field Master for the day will be announced at the Meet.
The Treasurer(Mrs Dawn Miller 07774233944 balance the books and is always happy to discuss options to suit all budgets.
The Secretary(Ben Madler sees to the day to day running of the hunt, and can always be contacted to answer questions on how ,where, when and what.
Within the hunt there are a Supporters Club and an informal Point to Point Committee, both raising vital funds and welcome interested parties.
On arrival at the Meet greet with ‘Good Morning’ and say ‘Good Night’,whatever time of day you leave.
Find out who it is collecting money and pay what you owe for the day.

Q…What should I wear ?
A…Being warm and comfortable is the most important thing. 
If your hard hat is the helmet type cover with a dark silk. A V-neck jumper underneath a tweed, navy or black jacket adds extra warmth. Jodhpurs or breeches should be a pale colour. 
Boots can be short with half chaps or gaiters or long, either leather or rubber.
Finally gloves are recommended and a tie or stock at the neck.

Q…What should my horse wear ?
A…Horses tend to be very enthusiastic about hunting. If you need stronger equipment for competitions then it is advisable to use the same for hunting.
Your horse needs to be clean, plaiting and oiling hooves add to the smart appearance.
If your horse gets excited park a longer distance from the Meet and the hack there may take some of the steam out of him.
If your horse kicks, tie a red ribbon in its tail.
If it is hunting for the first time tie a green ribbon in its tail. 
Always turn your horse to face the hounds.
Your horse needs to be fit enough to cope with long canters and varied terrain. Autumn Hunting is a good way to introduce a horse to hunting and improve fitness as things tend to happen at a slower pace.

Q…I am apprehensive about jumping large fences. 
A…The Secretary will be able to advise you of a suitable Meet according to your abilities.
More often than not there will be others who do not want to jump and know a way around the obstacle.
Usually the majority of hunt Jumps are set in field boundaries and there will be a gate.
Always keep a respectful distance from the horse in front. Wait your turn whilst lining up to jump and if your horse refuses let others pass you.
Make sure gates that were shut are closed afterwards and draw attention to an open gate after passing through by saying ‘gate please’. This alerts people behind and lets the last person through know that it needs to be shut.  Give way to the Master / Huntsman, Whipper In, the Field Master and also the hounds when you hear ‘Hounds Please’                                     We are extremely grateful to the Farmers and Landowners for allowing us access to hunt over their land so please show care whilst crossing ground and report any damage.

Q…I don’t own a horse but would like to come hunting 
A…Those following with a car, motor cycle or bicyclearecalled ‘foot followers’. Anyone can be non riding supporter and pay a donation at the Meet. There is also a Foot Followers Subscription.
As is the case with mounted hunting it is always best to contact the Hunt Secretary and let her know that you are interested in attending and you can be given any further details.
It is helpful to introduce yourself to others at the Meet and get an idea of which is the best direction to follow.
Be careful not to block drives, gateways and narrow lanes.
Keep your engine switched off when parked so that others can hear the hounds and the horn.

It is hoped that the above Q’s and A’s have given a newcomer a basic insight into a day’s hunting. We are a very friendly hunt and the main consideration is that every newcomer is welcomed and enjoys their time hunting with us.

Organisations…. The Countryside Alliance is our voice. Membership increases the numbers of those who are fighting our corner for repeal of the Hunting Act.Their Membership Hotline number is 0871 919 9170
The above information has been taken from their ‘Newcomers to Hunting’ leaflet with some adaption relative to our Hunt.